Yet it is told among the Eldar that the Valar endeavoured ever, in despite of Melkor, to rule the Earth and to prepare it for the coming of the Firstborn; and they built lands and Melkor destroyed them; valleys they delved and Melkor raised them up; mountains they carved and Melkor threw them down; seas they hollowed and Melkor spilled them; and naught might have peace or come to lasting growth, for as surely as the Valar began a labour so would Melkor undo it or corrupt it.

Or: Melkor stampedes into the nursery, stomps everyone’s play-do sculptures and kicks over all the building blocks.  Repeatedly.




O stars that in the Sunless Year
With shining hand by her were sown,
In Windy fields now bright and clear
We see your silver blossom blown!
"― Hymn to Elbereth

Varda Elentári, known in Sindarin as Elbereth Gilthoniel was the wife of Manwë and Queen of the Valar. Elves love and…

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Right, so cocktail recipes were a suggestion for the SIlmarillion Readalong, and so I’m gonna do one! I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading these two chapters again - the language is really lyrical, and the creation story of the world is beautiful. When the Ainur looked at Arda, “their hearts rejoiced in light, and their eyes beholding many colours were filled with gladness.” So naturally, I had to make a glowing cocktail. I also wanted flowers, to represent creation, and some darkness creeping in from Melkor’s involvement. 

(Note - Tonic Water contains quinine, a molecule whose shape makes it flouresce under UV light. So, you’ll want to get a UV lightbulb to truly appreciate this drink. Also, chill all your ingredients, because you won’t be adding ice. We need to avoid anything that will dilute the tonic, which is why I’m using strong spirits and flavourings!)


1 shot gin

Half shot Elderflower Syrup

Squeeze of lemon

Tonic Water

Blackcurrent Syrup or Ribena

Mix the elderflower syrup, lemon, and gin in a tumbler. Top with tonic water. Using a teaspoon, drip some black current syrup into the heart of your drink, to represent the discord of Melkor. Do not mix, just turn on the UV light, and enjoy in the midst of the innumerable stars. 

Photo credit and inspiration: 

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Manwe and Melkor as what I imagined them when they were in humanoid shapes. I’m no exceptional artist but hopefully with practice, this will all get better!

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Manwë Súlimo, King of the Valar.
Made for the Tolkien Read Along. Go Team Ainur!!

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I will punish them.

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Ossё is a vassal of Ulmo, and he is master of the seas that wash the shores of Middle-earth. He does not go in the deeps, but loves the coasts and the isles, and rejoices in the winds of Manwё; for in storm he delights, and laughs amid the roaring of the waves. His spouse is Uinen, the Lady of the Seas, whose hair lies spread through all waters under sky. All creatures she loves that live in the salt streams, and all weeds that grow there; to her mariners cry, for she can lay calm upon the waves, restraining the wildness of Ossл. The Numenуreans lived long in her protection, and held her in reverence equal to the Valar.

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Mightier than Estë is Nienna, sister of the Fëanturi; she dwells alone. She is acquainted with grief, and mourns for every wound that Arda has suffered in the marring of Melkor. […] But she does not weep for herself; and those who hearken to her learn pity, and endurance in hope. … for she brings strength to the spirit and turns sorrow to wisdom.
- The Silmarillion: Valaquenta

I imagined Nienna as somewhat pale and ghostlike (even in human form). Grief and sadness are more “heavy” than “light” but Nienna also embodies pity and hope (and sympathy?), and offers a form of respite different form that of Estë’s.

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Sneak peak of my main contribution to the Read Along - the Silmarillion comic! I’m uber excited about it, seriously. It will be terribly long and hopefully equally awesome, and also vaguely on schedule with the read along.
It will be tagged on my blog under heavenly’s silm comic, additionally each part will have a tag wholly of its own for easy finding (this one is ainulindale 1).
I’d be very glad if you would spread the word about it, it helps keep my morale up. Next part coming July 18th, you’ll be meeting Melko >:3
full image here

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Let’s talk about it.

I carefully avoided potential boyfriends for 5 years. now I’m not really avoiding them anymore, I’m just not looking for.
The in 3 months:

1) I met the cool guy who made me feel good and who I liked before. But I found out he’s married (oh shit, but I can’t do anything for it)
2) I met a cool guy who made me feel goods. But he has a girlfriend and is probably not interested (well, we’re good friends)
3) I met a cool guy who made me feel good and he was also interested. But he has a girlfriend already and she’s korean (please read “korean” as “the fucking most beatiful type of girl on heart, with whom you can’t compete since she’s beautiful like the moon reflected on a pure mountain lake, while you have the same beauty of the nearest supermarket plastic bag”).

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I have 8 minutes to do the introduction activity for the first week of the silmarillion read-along, so let’s start with this speedy introduction. Ready, go!

I’m Giulia, I come from Italy but I’m living in Japan now. I can speak italian (obvious), english, spanish, japanese and some simple chinese.
I had so much fun during the LotR read-along, I met so many good people, I had so many chances to create something amazing with them, that I was really sad when it finished…
That’s why I joined the Silmarillion Read-along: to have another experience like that. Unlike the period of the LotR read-along, now I have a super busy life here and the time difference is very big with most of the other read-alongers, but I’ll do my best. May this experience be even better than the previous one!
(it should, thanks to all those team activities)

I read LotR 5 times (last one in english), The Hobbit 3, but the Silmarillion only 1 maaaany years ago, when I was younger and probably not prepared to read it. I’m also slowly reading the HomE books.
As for the movies, I watched PJ’s movies 3 times each at the cinema and now I watch the DVDs once a month. I watch the movies, as movies, so I enjoy them a lot (but the last Hobbit had a bit too much Special Effects) although there are differences with the books.
When I was a kid I enjoyed, but I was also a bit scared by the animated movie =P
Since I’m living in a foreign country I don’t have any real book… I mean, made of paper. I didn’t want to ruin them, that’s true, but I didn’t want to bring with me something uslessly heavy too: though I love paper more, the electronich reader is wonderful when it comes to these kind of situations.

In 8 minutes, that’s all. I have to go, I have an interview for a part-time job in 5 minutes… will I be able to understand all the things that will be said to me?
May Morgoth help me with all his devilish and majestic power.

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1.Huor,Hurin (フオル、フーリン)
2.Turin,Tuor,Voronwe (トゥーリン、トゥオル、ヴォロンウェ)
3.Idril,Earendil,Tuor (イドリル、エアレンディル、トゥオル)


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Together As One

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Found a wip of Finrod from 3 months ago and redrew it. The only thing I actually kept from the original was the crown.

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